The People Gallery consists of pictures provided by McCubbins throughout the world. Many of the pictures have been passed down from generation to generation. The thumbnails have been cropped close so facial characteristics can be compared among the DNA groups. Click on the thumbnail to see the whole photo. Some families will have strong likenesses, keeping in mind that some of them may have a 300 year difference, or more, since they had an ‘MRCA’ (Most Recent Common Ancestor).

Pictures of landscapes, buildings, cemeteries, have been provided by family members or gleaned from the internet. Some of the pictures of MI’s (Monumental Inscriptions) and churchyards were taken by Sandy Pittendreigh of Dumfries (thank you, Sandy). At we’ve even found old castle ruins where McCubbins once lived in the vicinity. For pictures we actively recruited families who are linked into a DNA group.

Our next quest is to obtain more pictures of the non-DNA groups (those which do not have a living McCubbin male donor to confirm their family links). If you have pictures of your earlier families that you would like to share, please let us know at  We intend to enter the non-DNA groups next year.

We hope you enjoy the show. To navigate to each gallery you can click on the links below or use the pull down menus above that appear under the Galleries tab when you hover your cursor over the pull down menu tabs.

DNA Group 1    DNA Group 2    DNA Group 3    DNA Group 4

DNA Group 1    DNA Group 2    DNA Group 3    DNA Group 4

DNA Group 1    DNA Group 2    DNA Group 3    DNA Group 4